Adventure in Iran

     My adventure started in Sofia when I took the bus to Istanbul. At the border the guards were a bit difficult because of my intentions to go to Iran, my bag was searched and I was asked some questions, but eventually they gave me a visa for Turkey. In Istanbul I had some trouble finding the shuttle bus to Gokcen Airport because the road was under construction; however, eventually I found it by asking around a bit. In the airport I met a very nice girl, she helped me with my visa in Tehran and made sure I wasn't nervous anymore.


      In the city I received a warm welcome from a friend of mine, we ate some persian food, smoked some shisha at the Darband area, and she invited me to stay at her home. The next day I met another very welcoming guy, and I spend the night at his dormitory. His friends arranged a bus ticket to the next city I had planned to go and escorted me to the bus station the next day. I got a warm welcome in Najafabad, the city I went, and spend the rest of the week there. I was working in a cafe and met so many amazing people, they really made an impression on me. I visited some schools, as my colleauge in the cafe was a teacher from Germany, and he invited me to come along. It was amazing to see all these kids and their teachers doing their best to work for a better future.


      After this I volunteered at a guest house in a desert town called Varzaneh. I was taking care of the guests and doing the marketing, which gave me first hand experience in the busy life of a hotel (guesthouse) manager. After a week I had to leave for Shiraz, where I made a last minute request on Couchsurfing in the bus, and someone accepted it. I spend the night at a house party of his friends, and the next day I spend at his place. Here I met another amazing guy, he toured me around the city and again gave me a place to stay the night. I got a real experience of the daily life of Iranians in Shiraz, with all its positive and also more negative sides.


       I proceeded my travel to Qeshm, an island in the south of Iran. Here I met a taxi driver who toured me around the island for two days, found a cheap homestay for me and helped me to buy a ticket for Dubai, one of my 'in the moment' decisions as Dubai was really close and I wanted to see it. Unfortunately my money, almost 1000 USD, got stolen at the airport, and I was left without cash. Again, a girl from couchsurfing saved my ass, let me stay at her place and even borrowed me some money. I am home now and this story is not yet over!


     Time after time again I am amazed by the generosity, kindness and hospitality of all these amazing people. At their core, I believe people are full of love and you can always find like-minded souls to connect with. When you take the step into the unknown, life will guide you in the right direction and lead you where you  need to be. Life is meant to be experienced!